July 9, 2017, 5:00 pm


July 12, 2017, 6:00 pm


Focus on new technologies and current practice related to Grouting, Deep Mixing and Diaphragm Walls at Grouting 2017, July 9–12, 2017 at the Sheraton Waikiki, on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii USA.

Download a PDF of the Grouting 2017 Conference Preview

The Grouting Technical Committee of the Geo-Institute (G-I) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the International Conference Organization for Grouting (ICOG) are organizing the 5th International Grouting Conference. Since 1982, international grouting conferences have been held every ten years in New Orleans. At the last conference in 2012, there was general agreement that the ten-year interval was too long. In that time, there had been more innovative advances in the engineering and practice of grouting applications than could be adequately explored at any one conference, and the industry needed—and deserved—a shorter interval. So that ten-year interval has now been reduced to five.

In 2012, four keynote lectures and 182 papers were presented for an audience of more than 800 delegates. The 2017 conference will provide in-depth treatment of the subject technologies including exhibits, sessions, and short courses on jet grouting, compaction grouting, deep mixing, and diaphragm walls.

Proposed session topics include:

Grout Materials
•    Calcium Aluminate/Silicate Cements
•    Sodium Silicate
•    Hot Melts
•    Foams
•    Polyurethanes
•    Acrylates
•    Admixtures
•    Ultrafines

Properties of Grouted Materials
•    Chemically Grouted Soils and Rock
•    Compaction Grouted Soils
•    Soil-Cement / Soilcrete
•    Strength and Permeability of Grouted Rock
•    Strength and Permeability of Grouted Soil

Verification and Monitoring of Grouting, Diaphragm Walls, and Deep Mixing
•    Geophysical Methods of Verification
•    Demonstration Sites: Summary and Findings
•    Innovations and Developments in Verification
•    Measurement While Drilling
•    Sampling and Testing Techniques
•    Automation and Digital Controls
•    Real-Time Monitoring

Techniques Equipment
•    Drilling for Grouting and Ground Treatment
•    Auger Drilling
•    Vertical Mills
•    Panel Excavation
•    Continuous Trenching Techniques

Innovations and Developments in Ground Treatment Technology
•    Permeation Grouting
•    Compaction Grouting
•    Compensation Grouting
•    Jet Grouting
•    Deep Mixing
•    Pumping and Injection Equipment and Methods
•    Diaphragm Wall Construction

Grouting for Seismic Retrofit and Remediation

Case Studies in Applications of Grouting and Deep Mixing
•    Dams
•    Mines
•    Sealing Pipes
•    Tunnels
•    Ground Treatment (permeability reduction, settlement control, seismic retrofit, structural support)
•    Containment
•    Grouting of Major Civil Structures
•    Environmental Applications
•    Grouting for Deep Foundations
•    Grouting for Tiebacks
•    Grouting for Micropiles