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Cross-USA Lectures

The Geo-Institute of the ASCE provides the Cross-USA Lecture Tour to local G-I chapters and GSOs as an ongoing program to enhance the prestige of the geoprofession. The Cross-USA G-I Lecturer will be a nominated distinguished geoprofessional.

Nominate a Cross-USA Lecturer

Deadline to submit nominations is January 3, 2024

Tour Program

Lecturer nominations are open to any member of the G-I. The nominees will be selected based on a range of criteria, including prestige in the geoprofessional community, professional achievements, and lecture abilities. The Lecturer will present at five different U.S. locations.

If a GSO is selected as a host, it shall invite area professionals to attend. The host groups will be selected based on a range of criteria, including past selection as a host group, population base, geographic location, and application presentation.

The Lecturer will provide the host groups with a choice of one or more lecture topics. Each group will jointly decide with the Lecturer the final topic to be presented at their location. The Lecturer or host group should contact the G-I Director if difficulties occur in finalizing tour dates or arrangements. If coordination conflicts are not able to be resolved, the alternate host will be contacted.

An honorarium per lecture will be provided to the Lecturer by the G-I. In addition, the Lecturer’s travel expenses for the tour will be reimbursed by the G-I in accordance with current ASCE travel guidelines. Travel expenditures will be submitted to the G-I Director for reimbursement. The local host group will provide local lodging, local transportation, and meal expenses.