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Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau Overview

Funding for the EESD Speakers Bureau was suspended this year due to COVID, but our members are still available and eager to provide remote presentations. A number of EESD Committee Members have expressed an interest in participating in the Speakers Bureau, and have provided a list of potential topics.

If there are any particular topic or speaker your chapter might be interested in, please do not hesitate to reach out to the EESD speakers bureau chair, Menzer Pehlivan (menzer.pehlivan@jacobs.com). We will do our best to find the speaker for the topic or arrange with the desired EESD speaker.


Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos

  • Investigation of the performance of the flood-protection systems of New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina, on August 29, 2005 - Lessons Learned
  • Assessment of seismic response of levees and its variability due to time history selection
  • Characterization of pile-driving induced vibrations: An integrated field testing and numerical modeling approach
  • Liquefaction triggering and post-liquefaction response of gravelly soils
  • Seismic earth pressures on yielding vs non-yielding gravity-type retaining walls - Overview and FEM results

Scott Brandenberg

  • Soil-structure interaction procedure for evaluating seismic earth pressures
  • Levee system reliability analysis
  • Influence of liquefaction and lateral spreading on deep foundations
  • Next generation liquefaction relational database

Deepankar Choudhury

  • Seismic design aspects for combined pile-raft foundation systems of high-rise structures
  • Seismic studies on liquefaction, remediation and design of foundation systems for various structures of different petroleum terminals
  • Estimation of liquefaction potential at various soil sites in India using CPT and DMT for different field projects
  • Seismic design of tailing dam
  • Seismic stability analysis and design for longest canal of India

Shideh Dashti

  • Performance-based liquefaction assessment
  • A physics-informed, semi-empirical, probabilistic approach to evaluating building settlement and tilt on liquefiable sites
  • Considerations for mitigation of earthquake-induced soil liquefaction in urban environments
  • Seismic performance of buried water reservoir structures
  • Considerations for design of permanent and temporary cut-and-cover box structures near tall buildings

Kevin Franke

  • Use of drones for monitoring infrastructure and performing post-earthquake reconnaissance
  • Reconnaissance Efforts from Recent Earthquakes (including 2017 Central Mexico Earthquake)
  • Performance Based Liquefaction Hazard Analysis

Russel Green – any topic related to liquefaction, such as following:

  • Role of paleoliquefaction studies in assessing the seismic hazard in the central-eastern US
  • Evaluating liquefaction potential in the central-eastern US
  • Evaluating liquefaction hazard from induced seismicity
  • Overview of the 2010-2011 Canterbury, New Zealand, Earthquake Sequence

Anne Lemnitzer

  • Centrifuge Experiments to investigate levee deformation potential in the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta
  • Levees, Peat and Seismic Loading – Settlement Challenges Associated with Organic Soils
  • An overview of ground improvement methods for liquefaction mitigation

Dimitrios Zekkos

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for post-disaster response and geotechnical infrastructure assessment
  • Recent Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Geotechnical Engineering and Future Opportunities
  • Ongoing Robot-enabled Research Efforts to Promote Resiliency and Sustainability of Geo-
  • Seismic Response of MSW Landfills: Laboratory; In-Situ Testing of Properties; Dynamic Analyses
  • Recent Advances on the Static and Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste
  • Bio-Chemico-Physico-Mechanical Characterization of Degradation of Municipal Solid Waste for Energy Generation ProcesseOther Potential Topics
  • Remote Sensing and Field-Based Investigation of Landsliding in the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal, Earthquake
  • Assessment of the Effects of Ground Motion Modification on Ground Motions and Seismic Response of Geotechnical Systems

Zia Zafir

  • Seismic updates in the 2018 International Building Code

Katerina Ziotopoulou

  • PM4Silt: A constitutive model for silts and clays in seismic deformation analyses
  • PM4Sand: A constitutive model for sands in seismic deformation analyses
  • Validation Protocols for the constitutive modeling of liquefaction