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Free Information/Benchmark Data

Software and information provided by Paul Michaels. 


a) Build your own engineering seismic recorder,

It uses an arduino, a Mayhew shield, and a laptop. There is a manual (copy attached here). If you think the committee might be interested, you can put a link on the GEC website.

b) Seismic Data Archive. The entry site is

and the search engine is at

The data include geometry and other headers in SEGY format. The data can be used for testing and comparing software (ie, bench marking) if anyone wants to use it. Again, if the GEC has any interest, you are free to link to my site on your web pages. The way the search engine works is you click on check boxes to limit the search. Then scroll down to the results. You can then download the ZIP file and MD5SUM hash to confirm integrity of the download.


c). Software Download Page. The site is

My Basic Seismic Utilities (BSU codes) are available and can read SEGY plus do much more (like convert to text or spread sheet, csv of the data).