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Chadi El Mohtar, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE

The Geo-Institute Committee on Grouting was originally formed in 1952 as a Committee of the Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers. It was recognized that "Injection of grout is a very common technique in the oil industry”, but "While the civil engineers have made limited use of injection to aid construction in sandy soils and to help seal foundations, they do not exploit this valuable technique to the extent they could and probably should.” Still today in 2015 our grouting industry needs to be promoted. Universities do not have regular Grouting Courses and often young Engineering graduates do not have knowledge of this branch of the Engineering profession. Our mission is to

  • Advance the technology of grouting
  • Supply information on grouting to the engineering profession
  • Encourage young member participation
  • Recruit new members

With the intent of

  • Organizing grouting sessions in specialty geotechnical conferences
  • Preparing Papers
  • Developing short courses
  • Organizing working subcommittees as may be required for carrying out specific assignments
  • Sponsoring research

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