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Geotechnical Special Publications

Geotechnical Special Publications (GSP) are the primary outlet of the Geo-Institute for continuing the tradition of geotechnical knowledge transfer. GSPs reflect the broad variety of geotechnical activities, ranging from proceedings of a specialty conference or annual Geo-Congress to guidelines and special reports prepared by technical committees. They are recognized internationally as premier publications for geotechnical engineering and the geoprofession. New GSPs are developed under the auspices of the Geo-Institute’s Technical Publication Committee. Papers must receive two positive peer reviews before acceptance.

GSPs originated with the proceedings of the first geotechnical specialty conference, held in 1960, on Shear Strength of Cohesive Soils. The second specialty conference on Settlement of Foundations was held in 1964. These conferences occurred every second year from 1968 through 1974, and afterwards then held annually. The Geotechnical Engineering Division of ASCE adopted numbered GSPs as an official designation in 1986, and the G-I has administered the publications since its formation in 1996.

Recent Geotechnical Special Publications

See full list of GSPs available from the ASCE Library

Propose a GSP

Any group may propose a GSP by submitting a request form to the Technical Publications Committee for approval.

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