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Schema & Tools

Current DIGGS Schema

The current production version of the DIGGS Schema is 2.5.a available on GitHub.


DIGGSml Data Converter

Keynetix developed a data converter tool that converts any Excel spreadsheet, AGS file, HoleBASE SI or gINT project to a DIGGS, CSV, gINT or KeyLAB file. The tool is on GitHub.

Dataforensics DIGGS Converter

Dataforensics DIGGS Conversion tool is a web service that allows consumers of DIGGS files to convert the files from the DIGGS format to a format that can be imported directly into HoleBASE and/or gINT. When using gINT, a custom mapping is required to be configured since there is no standard gINT data structure.

The tool can be accessed once you have acquired a subscription to the service using the following URL.

More information about the tool can be found at:

Previous versions