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Technical Committees Speaker Program

The Geo-Institute Speaker Program is designed to provide access to geotechnical experts to speak at the chapter or regional events. Please contact those listed below to schedule a G-I Speaker.

Embankments, Dams, and Slopes (EDS) Committee
Please Contact: Tim Stark,

Earthquake Engineering and Soil Improvement (EESD) Committee
Please Contact: Menzer Pehlivan,

Geoenvironmental Engineering Committee
Please Contact: Dimitrios Zekkos,

Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) Committee
Please Contact: D.V. Griffiths,

Soil Improvement Committee
Please Contact: Jose Clemente,

Underground Engineering and Construction (UEC) Committee
Please Contact: Tom Pennington,

Speaker Reimbursement includes:

• Economy airfare/ train fare booked at least 14 days in advance OR mileage for a round trip of 100 miles or more.

• A per diem to help defray your other costs, including hotel costs.

If overnight lodging is used, the per diem is $135.
If overnight lodging is not used and you travel more than 100 miles round trip, the per diem is $45.
Chapters may help offset some additional travel costs.