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Graduate Student Organizations

Students at any U.S. college or university who are interested in geotechnical engineering are encouraged to join a Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at their university.

GSOs enhance the education of students who are preparing to become geo-professionals by facilitating their participation in Geo-Institute-sponsored student activities at the annual and specialty conferences, including the GeoChallenges, career workshops and fairs, and professional-level education opportunities. Joining your GSO will help you:

  • Build relationships with fellow students from your school and others. Start networking now, before you need to find your first job in the field.
  • Transition from being a leader at your university to being a leader in your profession by becoming an officer of your GSO.
  • Stay current on what’s happening in the geoprofession with the G-I’s many member resources.

These organizations engage in activities of their choice, as long as such activities do not violate the code of ethics of the Geo-Institute. GSOs are not required to pay any form of dues to the Geo-Institute, and may engage in appropriate activities to raise funds to support its operation.

Find your university’s GSO.

Form a GSO at your university.

Members of GSOs are strongly encouraged to be individual student members of the Geo-Institute. It’s free!