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Geotechnical Practice Publications

Geotechnical Practice Publications (GPP) showcase practice-oriented papers presented at conferences and workshops sponsored by local sections and branches of ASCE and the Geo-Institute. GPPs serve as a conduit to make material developed by practicing engineers available to a broader audience. New GPPs are prepared under the auspices of the Geo-Institute’s Technical Publication Committee. Papers must be reviewed by an editorial board or receive one positive review from a designated reviewer.

GPPs originated in 2002 when it was realized that the proceedings of local geotechnical events were almost never published within ASCE. The peer review process required for most ASCE publications (over a year) was not compatible with the fast-tracked nature of most local events, which are often organized in half that time from initial planning to execution. Consequently, the proceedings of local events were usually published in non-archival documents, which unfortunately, disappeared all too easily from circulation.

See the full list of GPPs available from the ASCE Library.

Propose a GPP

Any group may propose a GPP by submitting a request form to the Technical Publications Committee for approval.

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