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Schema v1.0a

DIGGS 1.0a

Below is a list of the DIGGS 1.0a files.  These files can be downloaded below.

  1. DIGGS Installer - This installer will install and configure the schemas and example files.
  2. Release Notes - This document contains information on how to install the above and contribute to the review process.
  3. Data Dictionary - This document details the objects and properties used in DIGGS.
  4. An Introduction to DIGGS - This document describes the key concepts in DIGGS in a non technical manner.
  5. DIGGS Brochure - This is a general overview of the DIGGS interchange format.


Attachment Size
 DIGGS Installer (EXE)  6.23 MB
 DIGGS 1.0a Release Notes (PDF)  246.44 KB
 DIGGS 1.0a Data Dictionary (PDF)  1.14 MB
 DIGGS 1.0a Introduction (PDF)  1.5 MB
 DIGGS Brochure (PDF)  82.43 KB