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Schema v2.0a

DIGGS version 2.0a was released on June 30, 2012.  Below is a list of files contained in the current version of the schema.  Pilot testing of version 2.0a will be done between September 2014 and February 2015.  If you are interested in participating in the pilot testing, please contact us

  1. Technical Documentation for DIGGS 2.0a (see attachments below)
  2. Complete V2.0a Schema (see attachments below for Zip file or individual file)
  3. DIGGS Final Report to ODOT for DIGGS V2.0a (see attachments below)
  4. Environmental Schema for V2.0a
  5. Geotechnical Schema for V2.0a
  6. Kernel Schema for V2.0a
  7. Online DIGGS Dictionary for V2.0a
  8. Coordinate Reference System (CRS) for DIGGS V2.0a Dictionary Files in GML and TXT formats
  9. Code Lists for DIGGS V2.0a
  10. Example DIGGS V2.0a file - contains all DIGGS Elements

Schemas Version 2.0a

Complete Schema:
Environmental Schema:
Geotechnical Schema:
Kernel Schema:

DIGGS Online Dictionary Page

This is a page that allows you to review on the web the entire DIGGS dictionary

CRS Dictionary Files

CRS Dictionary files are available as GML and WKT at:

DIGGS Codelists

Example DIGGS V2.0a File

A single example file that contains data for all diggs elements.


Attachment Size
 DIGGS Version 2.0a Technical Documentation  8.52 MB
 Complete Zip File of Schemas v2.0a  85.29 KB
 DIGGS Final Report  1.3 MB