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k.sample-lord | Created: 05 Nov 2020 | Updated: 05 Nov 2020
Geoenvironmental Engineering

The Geoenvironmental TC is organizing on December 8th 2020, as part of the 5th annual Live Streaming Geo-Institute Web conference, a one day event with the following presentations:  

“Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls in Geoenvironmental Applications," Dan Ruffing, PE, M.ASCE

“Remediation Methods for Soils and Groundwater due to Wildfires: A Review,” Zahra Ghahremani, Pierrette Iradukunda, and Arvin Farid, PhD, PE, M.ASCE

 “Evolution of Waste Structure in Landfills: Influence of Compaction and Settlement,” Nazli Yesiller, PhD., A.M.ASCE, and James L. Hanson, PhD, PE, M.ASCE

 “Sustainability Assessment of Various Remediation Alternatives for Contaminated Lake Sediments: Case Study”, Krishna R. Reddy, PhD, PE, ENV SP, D.GE, F.ASCE

More information, see the attached flyer and visit the website: https://www.geoinstitute.org/events/5th-annual-g-i-web-conference