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Research to Practice Videos

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To bridge disconnects between research and practice, GEC members have created a series of 10-minute videos that summarize recent research findings and implications for practice. 

The presenters and titles of the videos are:

  • “A methodology for waste and soil fingerprinting using x-ray spectroscopy and microscopy techniques”, by Maria Chrysochoou, and Nefeli Bompoti, University of Connecticut. https://youtu.be/vIdgQLdaMkE
  • “Design Guidance:  Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls”, by Jeff Evans, Bucknell University, USA. https://youtu.be/MbUkoCaVxL8
  • “Electromagnetic Waves for Geoenvironmental Applications”, by Arvin Farid, Boise State University, USA. https://youtu.be/JVyqjcJr7XA
  • “Coupling methane generation and biological settlement in MSW landfills”, by Xunchang Fei, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. https://youtu.be/JOBGKIdy7P8
  • “Optimum Compaction Conditions at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills”, by James L. Hanson, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Nazli Yesiller, Global Waste Research Institute, USA. https://youtu.be/hviUpP-Xc_0
  • “Dynamic Compaction on Municipal Solid Waste Sites”, by Dimitrios Zekkos, University of California, Berkeley, USA. https://youtu.be/OHMHwhLSQx4

GEC Research to Practice Videos