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Unsat Committee (Co)Sponsored Webinars:

Enhancing Pavement Foundation Resilience through Moisture Measurement (Siekmeier/Nazarian/Teshale). September 2020.

Foundations on Expansive Soils (Chao/Murthy). March 2018.

Stiffened Slab on Grade on Shrink Swell Soils (Briaud). May 2017

Foundations on Expansive Soils (Chao/Murthy). March 2017.

Stiffened Slab on Grade on Shrink Swell Soils (Briaud). November 2016.

Thermal Behavior of Unsaturated Soils (McCartney). March 2015.

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Slope Stability (Lu/Godt). April 2013.

Measurement of Soil Suction in the Field for Geotechnical Engineering Applications (Puppala/Fredlund). March 2013.

Design and analysis of water balance covers (Benson). April 2012.

Estimating Unsaturated Soil Properties for Shear Strength and Volume Change (Vanapalli/W. Houston). January 2012.

Constitutive behavior of unsaturated soils (Hoyos/Zhang). November 2011.

Unsaturated soil applications to pavements (Siekmeier/Zapata). August 2011.

Design of stiffened slabs on grade on shrink-swell soils: A new approach (Briaud/King). April 2011.

Collapsible soils (S. Houston/Miller). December 2010.

Laboratory methods for unsaturated soils (Likos/Padilla). April 2010.

Introduction to unsaturated soils (Fredlund). January 2010.


Other Webinars for Unsaturated Soils:

Improving Pavement Geomaterial Performance with Unsaturated Soil Mechanics (Willam Likos, Bora Cetin, David White, and John Siekmeier), Augest 3, 2021

Fundamental Aspects of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics (in Geotechnical Engineering) (Jean-Louis Briaud, Engineering Management Institute)

Teaching Unsaturated Soil Mechanics at the Undergraduate Level (Michele Calvello), June 21, 2021

Engineering Masterclass Webinar: Unsaturated Soil Mechanics (GeoStruktur), June 19, 2021 - Part 1, Part 2

Course (6 Lectures) on Unsaturated Soil Mechanics available on ISSMGE Virtual University (Delwyn Fredlund), September 3, 2020

Principles of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Its Application in Geotechnical and Pavement Engineering (Willam Likos, Bora Cetin, Raul Velasquez, John Siekmeier, and Terry Beaudry), May 19, 2020

Unsaturated Soils: Basic Concepts and Applications (Eduardo Alonso), July 9, 2012