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m.wayne | Created: 17 Mar 2021 | Updated: 17 Mar 2021

The ASCE G-I Geosynthetics Technical Committee is excited to announce a recent partnership between the US Air Force Academy and ASCE G-I in support of continued updates to GeoTech Tools (GTT) content. Geotechnical engineering faculty at USAFA will update case studies for a wide variety of geosynthetics technologies within the GTT resource, including: subgrade stabilization, ground improvement, retaining structures, slope stabilization, and the use of geosynthetics within pavements systems. The project involves not just expanding the current number of case studies included on GTT, but also updating case studies to ensure recent projects are included. This project also includes a review of how current technologies are organized in an effort to maximize the educational impact of those topics.

Geosynthetics TC is particularly excited about this partnership because it not only results in refreshed GTT content but also includes an educational component within that effort. While faculty in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at USAFA are updating case histories, geotechnically-inclined USAFA cadets will review updated content and report back to faculty on the educational components of the technologies, including: clarity of new concepts, appropriateness of included case studies, and any questions the students still have about the technologies after review. Additionally, a part of the cooperative agreement between USAFA and ASCE G-I also includes support for student conference travel and the purchase of new/updated equipment for geosynthetics education in USAFA classrooms and laboratories.

An early study of geosynthetics in GTT found that the vast majority of geosynthetics-related topics could benefit from updated case studies. If you believe you have an exciting case study highlighting the use of geosynthetics for a recent project (post-2010), please contact Melissa Beauregard at melissa.beauregard@afacademy.af.edu by 31 August 2021.