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tvlasova | Created: 22 Apr 2020 | Updated: 22 Apr 2020
Calls for Papers and Abstracts
  • Authors submit draft papers for consideration by July 17, 2020.
  • Draft papers must be formatted according to ASCE guidelines. A sample document that may be used as a template is available here.
  • Session Chairs will arrange for a minimum of two peer reviews for each draft paper based on the ASCE Guidelines for Peer Reviewers of Proceedings Papers, available here.
  • Then, on the results of those reviews and their own judgment, the chairs will make decisions about whether or not to accept the draft paper. Papers may be declined for the same reasons as an abstract or for not following ASCE paper format. Preliminary decisions about presentation formats (rescindable if the final paper is still not of an acceptable quality) may be made at this time, depending on the preference of the Program Committee.
  • Notice of these decisions, along with the two reviews (presented anonymously), will be sent to the authors by September 4, 2020.

Papers may only be submitted via the online CATALYST Submission System.

Find more information on http://ifceexpo.com/info/technical-program