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DIGGS Schema version 2.0.b

The final version of DIGGS Schema version 2.0.b was released May, 2016.

Complete Schema:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/Complete.xsd
Geotechnical Schema:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/Geotechnical.xsd
Kernel Schema:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/Kernel.xsd

DIGGS also relies on the following XML schemas

Geography Markup Language (GML) Schemas (reference link)
GML 3.2 Subset Schema:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/gml3.2Profile_diggs.xsd
Draft GML 3.3 Subset Schema:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/gml3.3Profile_diggs.xsd

Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) Schemas (reference link)
Data Types:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/witsml/
Catalog:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/witsml/
Measure Type:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/witsml/
Quantity Class:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/witsml/
Base Type:  http://diggsml.org/schemas/2.0.b/witsml/

DIGGS Online Dictionary Page

This is a page that allows you to review on the web the entire DIGGS dictionary