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Classic EDS Journal Articles

Collected below are important journal articles related to Embankments, Dams, and Slopes that were published in the ASCE Journal of Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division (JSMFD) before 1983. Articles from 1983 to present in the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering are available online at


Sembenelli, P. and Fagiolo, M., 1974. "Aguada Blanca Rockfill Dam with Metal Facing." Journal of Geotechnical Engineering100(GT1).

Wang, W.L. and Yen, B.C., 1974. "Soil arching in slopes." Journal of Geotechnical Engineering100(GT1).

Arango, I. and Seed, H.B., 1974. "Seismic stability and deformation of clay slopes." Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division100(GT2), pp.139-156.


Penman, A. and Charles, A., 1973. "Constructional deformations in rockfill dam." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div99(SM2).

Lefebvre, G., Duncan, J.M., and Wilson, E.L., 1973. "Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analyses of Dams." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div99(SM7).

Duncan, J.M. and Buchignani, A.L., 1973. "Failure of Underwater Slope in San Francisco Bay." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div99(SM9).

Noble, H.L., 1973. "Residual strength and landslides in clay and shale." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div99(SM9).

Dixon, S.J. and Burke, J.W., 1973. "Liquefaction case history." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div99(SM11).


Wright, S.G., Duncan, J.M. and Beene, R.R., 1973. "Analyses of Waco Dam Slide." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div, 98(SM9).

Barron, R.A., 1972. "Abutment and Foundation Treatment for High Embankment Dams on Rock." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div98(SM10).

Romani, F., Lovell Jr, C.W. and Harr, M.E., 1972. "Influence of progressive failure on slope stability." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div98(SM11).


Smith, T. and Forsyth, R., 1971. "Potrero Hill Slide and Correction." Journal of Soil Mechanics & Foundations Div., 97(SM3).